Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gahhgh! Flabelagook! Pfftttttttt…

I hate drafting. *sigh* Actually I do love it too… I'm sitting here with my best scrunched up face, lips twisted as I scowl at the computer screen while I attempt to hack out the first draft of Feel the Burn.
Does writing a novel ever get easier?
The only thing that improves is that you know you CAN do it, because you've (in my case) done it twice before.
But right at the moment I don't care (and that is wailed in a long, drawn out breath and finished with a damn good pout and crossed arms). I want this god-awful-freaking-horrible first draft DONE AND DUSTED!
Seriously, even you die hard fans of the BirthRight Trilogy wouldn't want to read the current mess of a manuscript. It's just SO wrong!
And therein lies the major issue I have with first drafts.
They are awful.
You are not to fix them until they are done.
This means you have to keep re-reading their awfulness while a big knot of frustration develops between your shoulder blades and you have the irrational desire to hurl your computer out the window and run screaming manically from the room.
Such is the joy of writing ;p
Of course, once this part is done and I get to fully re-write it, I'll love it! For about a week. Then this will be a 'rinse & repeat' process until the final gleaming product. Ahh, such fun - why did I start with this crackbrained hobby of writing?? Oh right.
Because I love it. *hee*
Take care all!
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  1. That sounds about right to me. lol I have to work hard not to go back and start editing a draft I'm working on. Wait until it's done and then fix.

  2. me is in love with that cat pic and also with the polar bear and penguin one from the previous post :)