Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Characters of the BirthRight Trilogy - Rumal

I have to confess, I have a soft spot for Rumal. Okay, so I have soft spots for many of the characters I create *grin* but Rumal is the guy that when he holds you eye for a little too long you promptly turn into a silly giggling schoolgirl. He's naturally very charming and not in a sleazy way. As the oldest of his siblings and being the heir to the Br'Laan estate on Delanta, he has been very fortunate in life. This is helpful, because a genetic trait he received from his Grandfather does make some on Gar'nyse consider him as a serious threat. Rumal is what is considered to be a 'male' syren.
On Gar'nyse all syrens are female and when they come to breeding age they set out to find some hapless male humanoid creature to mate with. During mating, at the peak of their energy rise, they release their scream which usually kills the male. On the odd occasion that it doesn't, the syren energy becomes merged with the male's own life energy, forever altering his genetic makeup. That gene can be passed on to any male offspring he might have.
Rumal's Grandfather survived an encounter with a syren and Rumal inherited the gene. Consequently he has the dark gold eyes of a syren and the ability to control others with both his eyes and voice. Not surprisingly 'male' syrens are regarded by others with great suspicion and there have been instances over the centuries of male syrens using their abilities in far less than reputable ways.
These abilities that Rumal has make him a vital part of the Griffon Guard and he has saved all their hides on more than one occasion. Rumal originally linked with a female griffon named Ofelaan and they were together for many years before Elena summoned them to become part of the Griffon Guard. Not long after that Ofelaan was tragically murdered by Jenviet and her brother Diantew. To have a link severed in such a manner is utterly devastating and Rumal was absent for many months after her death. Then, unexpectedly, he heard the call of a griffon. With Gredel and Phroma, Rumal set out for a tiny island in the Delos Sea to find the griffon whose call was so loud. When they arrived they found a female griffon distraught, hunting for her young pup who'd disappeared after telling another griffon pup that he was 'off to find his friend'.
It was an anxious ride back to the mainland and when they arrived in Port there was a message from Elena waiting for them. The young pup had arrived at the castle a day after they'd left it. That young pup is now a big adolescent griffon with a slowly filling out mane and beautiful gold under color to his light tan fur. His name is Kerak.

Ideas for playing Rumal? At the moment I have Tyrese Gibson in mind - what do you think, any suggestions?
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