Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Extremes - they make you think

As mentioned in my last post I was in Australia for a glorious and hot ten nights, eleven days. It was fabulous and the utter opposite of New Zealand. Right now I look out from my desk over the slate blue harbor and murky grey sky as the building sways gently in the 120km speed winds (temp, 12Âșc). Oh yes, it's great to be home.
Arriving in Australia and stepping out the terminals doors to a hot breeze was an absolute first for us. The breeze in Wellington is always cooling. We stood there, Glenn and I, with our mass loads of luggage just gaping at the difference. Now I'm wishing I could have bottled it *grin* I'm back to wearing my thin red leather gloves to keep my icy fingers warm and pondering which of the girls I'll write sticking her frozen fingers up the back of her nice warm guy's shirt *hee* An absolute favorite trick of mine on my own long-suffering male *grin*. He refers to me as a succubus in winter cause he can't get warm once I've had my icy mitts up his shirt *mwahahaha*.
The extreme opposites in both weather and land though, make for some fantastic ideas with my writing. Going for a walk in the Lamington national park (mmmm, lamingtons *drool*) was fascinating as for the first time ever in both our lives, we were aware of a real sense of apprehension due to the fact that there are creatures in the Aussie bush that can do you some serious damage.
It's such a foreign concept to us! New Zealand has no natural or introduced predators that are of any danger to a human. Sure, there's always the chance of getting gored by a pig - but really the chances of that are very slim. It possibly explains to some of the readers out there as to why the girls in the BirthRight trilogy can seem a little casual about going for a stroll in the woods. Here in NZ it's perfectly safe. The most dangerous thing in NZ is other humans and our sudden weather changes. I think I'm going to have to watch a stack load of documentaries as I work on book three, to keep all these extremes of nature in my mind. Writing - it really does make you think!
Take care all!
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