Monday, March 26, 2012

A decent cuss

Okay, I need help here. I'm pretty bad at cussing. That's not to say I do it a lot (I don't), it's just that when I do it's not particularly original and I tend to simply repeat it with gradually increasing vehemence/shock/horror etc. You get the idea *grin*. I thought I might ask you guys (cause you're such a dodgy bunch ;p) and see if anyone has any particularly different and/or amusing cussing lines. In fact, I'm thinking this'll make a fun competition!
The prize?
Your choice of e-book from my slide show above. I'll gift the winner that book in whatever e-format you require.
What you need for a chance to win!
An original, ideally amusing, cuss that you don't mind being potentially poached. If you have one you love that's all yours that you DON'T want to see elsewhere then don't enter it in this. The ideal cuss would be relatively succinct and as nonsensical as you like. Here are a couple of ideas to get you going.
'Holy suspender belt batman!'
'Son of a biscuit!'
'Pickle farts!'
But honestly, the more ridiculous and easy to say, the better. Even if it's getting a 'normal' cuss line very, very wrong (as sometimes happens when you think you overhear something *grin*).
So each cuss is a chance to win and if you tweet/facebook/blog about this silly little comp, include me in it so I can see and I'll give you another chance to win. Make sure to peruse the books above and see which you'd like!
Oh, and do you have an ebook you'd like added to my slideshow? Get in touch, either via the comments or my contact form J
Take care all!
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  1. I think the ones I know are meant to be directed at someone...some nice glasgow ones include(but certainly not limited to)...Bampot! Eedgit! Ya Bass!

    1. that sounds like me really angry when I'm getting out like three words at once *lol*

  2. I always yell "holy donkeys balls" XD - Lisa

  3. Punching monkeys!!! :D

  4. Erm... "bet you have ugly children". Ahem.

    Sorry! Take care

  5. It's not original, but I yell, "dirty bastard!" at things when I'm mad. It usually makes people laugh when I say that about an inanimate object.

  6. LOL A friend just tweeted "Holy crap on a cracker" and I was thinking "Crap on a platter" or "Balls on a stick"

  7. *Heeheheheh* Oh I loved waking up to all these - made me *LOL* lots! Great suggestions People :)

  8. Patricia i love yours - they are hilarious!
    How about, "Oh flying flapjacks!"
    Or "Bollocks and Buggery!"

    Hehe, what fun. I don't swear (anymore) won't look good around preschoolers. The best i come out with at the moment is "Goodness me!" Lame.

    1. Such a fun comp isn't it :) I love all the ideas I'm getting!!