Friday, February 17, 2012

A need for solitude - to embrace the darkness

An ominous title, no? *grin* Nobody panic! Nothing awful has happened in 'real' life but I've decided that to write the horrible dark scenes in Feel the Burn, I need absolute solitude. Solitude where things such as my lovely partner, the internet, TV etc etc aren't there to distract me.

So me and my furry critter Sable (known to readers of the BirthRight Trilogy as Audrey) are going bush for a couple of nights. To the cabin my family has in a forest park not too far from our home. And by that I mean a half hour drive and then a two hour tramp (hike, for those in the US ;p) to the cabin. But it will be worth it!
I have my laptop all charged so that should give me 5-6 hours of writing time. No, there is no electricity OR cell phone coverage at the cabin. And I'm not about to hike up the mountain our cabin is near just to do a bit of internet surfing *grin* I'm pretty sure a two hour hike straight up would put anyone off that!
Glenn will stay at home and be terrorized by our demanding cat, Griffin. And by that I mean she'll take absolute delight in insisting on being let in so she can eat two bites of food and then demand to be let out the back door. Then she'll wait on the picnic table so that when he goes toilet she can 'yowl' anxiously, right outside the bathroom window, until he scrambles off to let her in again. At which point she'll regard the now open sliding door suspiciously and saunter off to scratch one of the posts on the deck while Glenn splutters and curses her. Then, once he's done, she'll come cozying up, purring furiously around his legs and when he bends to pat her, dart off like he's the grim reaper.
*hee* Oh I love that cat!
And while Griffin is showcasing exactly how well trained she has her human, I'll be (hopefully) bawling my eyes out and typing. All the while hoping like hell that no intrepid trekker comes across the cabin. I really need to immerse myself in the characters as fully as possible for the current part of Feel the Burn and that means crying/yelling/fury/stomping and I'll probably scare any wanna-be axe murderers far, far away (oh yeah, and you think YOU'RE crazy - you ain't seen nuttin yet!).
*sigh* But it will all be worth it. I just need to get to certain plot points and then I'll be able to relax the awful tension a bit and I can't wait to get there! We have our Aussie trip on the 1st of March and I'd really like to be past these current plot points by then as they really don't equal the laid back holiday mood I intend on adopting once we're on the plane.
Work hard, play hard!

Take care all!
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  1. good luck! Sounds exhausting!!

  2. WOW!! What an amazing way to get all creatively writerly!! Wonderful! And what fab and furry company!! Yay!

    Of course cat rule! Ok! LOL! Take care