Friday, January 6, 2012

Ugh - writing the HARD scenes

For those of you who have read Awakening, you can probably understand why I'm having trouble starting Book Three. I really hate writing the painful scenes! I know they are necessary and of course I know where they go. But they are still SO hard! Already it's involved lots of tears and Glenn fleeing the room after first cautiously approaching at the sight of me in self-inflicted misery. The code words 'method-writing' explain all ;p
How do other authors do it I wonder? This book really is going to take me to hell and back. I've known that from day one. But it is a fascinating journey! It makes all those endless hours of daydreaming away classes/car trips/long walks/boring days etc etc suddenly valuable as I imagine every inch of the journey that my characters have to take. And what a journey. There are just sooo many things to show! I really do wish I was a person who could make sensible lists and plan it all out in a sane, easy to follow manner (easy for me to follow and write that is).
With each book I write I seem to follow a slightly different method and I'm not 100% sure of what method I'll adopt while writing Feel the Burn.
With The Arrival it was, write in a straight line.
With Awakening it was, write all the scenes that pop into your mind in any order you like, and then bridge them together.
I think Feel the Burn will end up being a mix of those two methods ;p
And now I'd really better stop skiving off, doing other things and get cracking on that first draft *grin* have a fabulous weekend peoples!
Take care all!
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  1. which of those three did you enjoy most writing?

  2. Out of the first two I've enjoyed writing Awakening more :) just cause the story and characters were so much sharper in my mind. And once the first novel was done, the second didn't seem quite so daunting a task :)

  3. hey nic! I posted a button on my blog, so if you want to grab it, have at it! Thanks for suggesting that, i hadn't even thought about posting one.

  4. I think you just have to write the story the way it comes to you...maybe every novel comes a different way? I'm a scene by scene writer on the mg novel I'm working on.

  5. Good luck! Remember those hard, emotional scenes are going to make people turn the page your suffering DOES have a purpose! ;)