Thursday, January 19, 2012

Let's play make-believe! A renewal of the characters of the BirthRight Trilogy and who would play them

You know, when Peter Jackson (naturally! Like I'd let anyone else near the story *lol*) calls to option the Trilogy... Well dreams ARE free people! So, to go hand in hand with my somewhat extreme dream, I thought I would re-do the Characters of the BirthRight Trilogy page and we'd better start with Catherine! Here is Cat's little bio and who I think could potentially play her. Suggestions, thoughts, opinions are all very welcome, as are questions about any of the characters in these blog posts as I get through them all.
Do you have a nagging question about a character? Or a 'what if' scenerio you've pondered? Any questions are welcome, except of course there's NO WAY I'm giving away details from book three. So feel free to ask about it but I will totally skirt around those *grin* Hope you enjoy these posts!


Catherine is the main voice of the trilogy and great fun. A curvy (DD bust and a US size 6 ) pale skinned, red head, with beautiful green eyes. Cat, as she is known to her friends, is a fun loving and lively Leo with a decent temper if roused. She adores her friends and is extremely loyal, always ready to drop everything for them if required. Cat has a huntaway dog called Audrey (Audi for short) who is rather like her mistress in some ways. A bit noisy, loves to talk, but at the same time needs her solitude. Cat takes Audi everywhere she can and the two often go for runs or excursions to Cat's family's cabin in the bush.
A natural flirt, Cat turns head's easily but remains oblivious to it most the time due to being in her 'own world'. Her friends are always amused at how she manages be innately graceful and yet totally klutzy at the same time. Partially due to her being short-sighted and partially because she's daydreaming but being a bit of an actress (more often comedic - whether she intends it or not) Cat tends to play it up as she loves to make people smile and laugh.
Cat loves to sew, read, and go horse riding and practice martial arts and archery. With a born instinct of flight not fight, yet a strong sense of courage, Cat has spent years training the flight instinct out and is proud of her ability to defend herself.

Who could potentially play Cat in a film (dreams are free remember!)
Emma Stone
Scarlett Johansson
Sara Rue

Take care all!


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  1. Catherine sounds lovely and these gorgeous actresses do bring her alive! Take care

  2. I love finding out who the authors would cast for their books' main characters; interesting picks!

  3. i say sara rue..... she in that photo has that look that i can just see cat wearing as she's about to do something naughty XD

    1. *lol* Sara Rue was always my first choice, Lisa :)

  4. Sara Rue hands down! She's got that daydreamy yet occasionally wicked look about her. To me the girl next with a little extra punch.