Monday, January 30, 2012

It's nearly the end of the month

And I thought it might be amusing to do a blog post on the most random searches people have made this month, to reach my blog. I've decided the basic rules for this is that they have to have spent some time looking at the blog once they've found it. So here are the top 20 random search requests that have led people to my blog. And the spelling/phrasing is exactly as searched.

  1. I feel sick
  2. Archery pin up
  3. cartwheel
  4. Centaur fantasy
  5. Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries
  6. cute kitten paw prents templates
  7. dark and die
  8. dog puncture abscess
  9. drawings sailor moon step step
  10. dyslexia damsel
  11. extremely risque dress photos
  12. funny birthday animal pictures (this person spent 29+ minutes on my blog!)
  13. funny fat redhead babies
  14. i love people but i hate humans (I wonder if this is the same person as the next…)
  15. get the fuck out of my gene pool (this person, apparently, is a little angry…)
  16. lyrics what's the 411 hun the jeans fit her like a glove (seriously - how on earth did this get them to my blog??!)
  17. naked masquerade (you would have thought they'd be rather disappointed, but they spent 5+ minutes pottering around the blog)
  18. nike goddess tripping
  19. you will poke me for the last time
  20. картинки глубокая вода (and yeah, I have no idea what that says either…)

I have to say, it's fascinating to see what leads people to you! Of course there were lots of obvious searches (for the books etc) but these where the most random of the bunch ;p If you don't have google analytics set up to track your blog, you might want to consider it. It gives you a good idea of whether or not people are finding the stuff you want them to find. For example, I'm thinking I may need to set up a page explaining about downloading Awakening from this blog for those that have epub ereaders (Nook, Ipad, Sony ereaders) as it appears to be a very common request. I also can see what percentage of newbies are hopping on my blog and how long they're spending on it (even what pages they're looking at). It's a very useful tool. So that's my blogging tip for the week *grin* Do you have a blogging tip to share? Let me know in the comments!
Take care all!
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  1. I've not even hear of this blogging tool! LOL!! It sounds like a fun thing to have - just to see where one's blog pops up!! Love the random bits that lead people to your blog! Yay!!

    Take care

  2. I speak/read/write russian pretty well. i think number 20 is, pictures of deep water.


    1. I didn't even know it was Russian, Di. So thanks! Clever you :)

  3. Interesting stuff. Hasn't even occurred to me to look at searches bring people to visit my blog.