Friday, January 13, 2012

And inspiration comes flooding in

It's bizarre weather in New Zealand currently. Not that I'm really surprised but normally we can guarantee a decent amount of sunshine in summer. At least enough to make us all begin moaning for rain. But at the moment we have lots of heat and one day shine, the next torrential rain. At the moment we have massive gales and here on the 21st floor, we're swaying, just enough to trigger my motion sickness ;p
It's making my morning runs rather sporadic as I like running in the crisp morning air. 19Âșc is NOT crisp!! It's just sweaty on top of sweaty—so very far from attractive *lol*
But when I did get out for my run (just once, Sable is not happy with my slackness!) wow did the ideas flow. And tears. But it's allowed me to work through some of the tricky scenes that I knew vaguely what I needed, but couldn't yet see the details. Now the details are lots more clearer and I think I need to go caving… either that or watch The Descent. But as that is a horror movie and I'm more than a little bit of a wuss with horror movies—caving sounds FAR easier *lol*
I'm really, really excited too as we've just decided to do our first overseas trip in March!! Yes our first, yes we're slack (better late than never) so now comes the exciting part of planning. It's just over to Aussie (Pixie, we're coming your way! Have to do dinner *grin*) to the Gold Coast and we'll do the obligatory theme park visit and the zoo. I'm kinda nervous about the plane flight… for any of you who have read The Arrival, the bit were Cat gets the nervous smile and insane giggles while flying, yeah that's based on my first hand experience (Glenn found it rather amusing). I have managed to dull that down to the occasional monster smile so I'm hoping I'll be able to resist that too *hee* It's weird too, cause I love helicopter rides, they don't bother me at all, but planes. Ahh well ;p
Take care all!
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  1. Oh the Descent is one of my fave films but yes I found it pretty scary!! Awww hoorah for your inspirational run and your upcoming trip!!

    Take care

  2. how exciting! Yay for a holiday!
    And that image is just beautiful!!!!

  3. Ooo you're brave Old Kitty - I had nightmares for months after that *lol* An overactive imagination +scary monsters = ARGGH!! ;p

    I'm so excited K, doesn't seem real yet :) and that is a pic of a cave system in Vietnam. I sooo want to go there!

  4. congrats on the trip, and love that NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC pic! So lovely. And thanks for featuring HOLLYWOOD SPY in your sidebar :) Now, if you get me telephone numbers of Karl Urban and Craig Parker I will make you my official spy for Kiwiland :)

  5. Swaying? That would scare me. *shiver*

    I hope you're able to stand the plane ride and enjoy your trip!
    Catherine Denton

    1. Just makes me queasy Catherine ;p And I hope so too!

  6. Gorgeous picture there, do you know where it is? Looks like NZ?

    And have a lovely holiday in OZ. sounds like a really fun trip. ;-)

    1. Hi Talei :) Actually that is a cave system in Vietnam - pretty cool huh! And thanks :)

  7. The weather has been weird in the UK, too. Hope you have a great trip!