Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Progress on Awakening and help support an Indie Film Maker - Chaz Harris

I'm so excited! I have fully re-written Awakening and it's off in Kerrin's hands now, for edit number two. I have three definite other people to pass it to, before it's *gulp* done. And we're making the most of a dry spell Glenn's having at work, by having an impromptu break. Sure a lack of work is a budget issue, but I've got ten days owing so might as well take lemons and make lemonade : ) In my glorious six days off we'll be walking the dogs, clearing the section (spring is here! Soon BBQ time!) and I'll be ready grammar books as well as working on The Arrival. Only problem being, half of me is seriously tempted to fully re-write it, which I suspect is a very bad idea ;p So I'm going to resist temptation there and instead work on re-formatting it (I think I've finally figured out how to make line breaks in kindle!!!) and adding a glossary of names to the beginning, as well as checking my grammar stuff *grin* Once that's all done, I've format it for Createspace and finally be able to see it in print!

On to the second part of my title is asking for your support to help a local indie film maker, Chaz Harris. He's written and directed a film about a young boy called Max Petersen who is being bullied at school and has an abusive father at home. One day, when playing alone in the woods, he makes a mysterious discovery that will change his life forever.
It's called Broken Glass and has attracted the support of Shine; New Zealandʼs largest single domestic abuse organisation registered as a charity. In 2011, Shine is celebrating 20 years of doing what works to stop domestic abuse. With the issues of bullying and domestic violence at its core, "Broken Glass" is told from a childʼs point of view but contains some quite adult content at times. A similar contrast between ethereal childhood fantasy and a young childʼs harsh reality was also achieved in the film "Panʼs Labyrinth". The aim is to create a story of fantasy realism that revisits a time in filmmaking when audiences were asked to use their imaginations instead of being shown with visual effects.
So help spread the word about this awesome project by sharing this post and/or pop onto the link here and hit the like button! Help spread the word peoples :) 

Take care all!

 The Arrival, on Amazon or UK Amazon


  1. It sounds like a great project! Thanks for the information on Broken Glass.

  2. Agreed, sounds like a great project and I am sharing :)

  3. Thanks to you both!! Much, much appreciated :)