Thursday, October 20, 2011

3am Eureka moment

Do you ever get those? The solution to the problem you've been trying to solve suddenly occurs to you at 3am - when really you'd rather be sleeping. I've figured out where to end Awakening so am racing through the notes from revision two, so I can write the ending. The next person in the revision line will soon be done with The Arrival and she's doing a FANTASTIC job! I'm very, very excited at the new editors I have lined up I know, with no shred of doubt, that both books will be as perfect as poss! *grin* And at the very least, I will be satisfied. It's very scary thinking about how close Dec is and how much I want done by then. Better get back to the books then!
Take care all!
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  1. Yay for lightbulb moments at odd times! Well done you and all the best! Take care

  2. Congrats Nic! That is SO awesome! And yes I know all about those Eureka moments. I funnily enough posted about it a few months ago.

    Don't you just love those moments? Here's to many more for both us!

  3. Yeah, love those lightbulb moments!
    And i'm glad you are adding more to the ending, it really did need it :)