Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Woo! Progress and a very cool occurrence

First and foremost - two of the new scenes are written and worked in! Now two definitely to go, with a possible other two on the horizon. The two new scenes clear up certain issues that according to my first critiquer weren't that comprehensive. Then once all the new scenes are worked in (ideally before this weekend) I am going to do something pretty radical. Granted it might not seem that radical to others but it certainly is to me.
I am going to load the current draft to my kindle (just mine, yes you can do that *grin*) and then re-write it fully. Line by line. Essentially I'll be sitting on my favorite chair at home with my notebook on my lap and my kindle beside me, re-wording/correcting or flat out re-writing each line across. My theory with this is the same as why I gave it to Vicki to critique first. Do the hard slog FIRST! Then, ideally, the next person (Kerrin) who critiques the draft will see it much closer to the final product. This is a 'work smarter not harder' train of thought. Because with book one I didn't do the major re-write until the very end. Which was damn hard work and as you might know, I'm running through another edit of it as there are lines I want re-worded. Fingers crossed this theory works *grin* I'm trying very hard to keep my distance from book two and this re-write will be the first time I've read through it in its entirety. The reason for this is to keep it as 'fresh' as possible so I can really spot the mistakes. So that's the current book update. Now onto the very cool occurrence.

At work we sub-let the corner of the floor we occupy to another company and one of the employees of that company, a gorgeous girl called Alex, has read and enjoyed The Arrival. The other day as I sat at reception she came skipping out to tell me about 'this amazing dream' she had. In her dream she met Kassie who was showing off her engagement ring! That's right, Kassie was showing off a stunning, pink diamond, engagement ring. Alex gave me a full description of this ring and Kassie. How cool is that? Certainly made me smile.
Take care all!
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  1. I had a short story were I did that. Rewrote it line by line as I read the current draft. I think it worked pretty well, so hopefully it works for you too.

  2. Good luck with your line by line revisions!!!

    And yay for Alex too!! That's really nice!! Take care

  3. that's really cool - and she did know that the author was you, right?!