Friday, August 26, 2011

A very cool idea - thought up by a Kiwi, naturally *grin*

Ever heard of it before? It's a relatively new and (I think) super exciting concept!

Essentially it is music set to your ebook and designed to change appropriately as you read. I'm not pretending to understand the mechanics of it at all but from what I read in the Herald (one of NZ's newspapers) the basic idea is that the music keeps pace with the story as you read it. So in the slow moments it's easy going and in the exciting bits its tension filled. How cool is that!! I personally find music a huge inspiration to my writing and there are even tracks I recognize in my mind as scenes.

Here's a hint of a spoiler from book two, Awakening. 'Heaven help us' by My Chemical Romance is locked in my mind as 'the harpy scene'.

So the idea that not too far in the foreseeable future authors will be able to do this, it's so darn exciting! I want all the books I love to have this, how much fun would that be? Okay, tell me one of your favorite scenes from a book and what music you'd love to hear playing as you read it.
Take care all!
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  1. I think for me personally, I let the words make their own silent music in my head!

    But if you like your books to sing to you - then why not?!

    Take care

  2. Heavens to Murgatroid! Soundtracks for books. What will they think of next? !!!

    Seriously though, I kinda like silence around me as I read. Music, other than the radio on in the background playing classical or early rock-n-roll, just pulls me right out of the story.

    If I want a soundtrack I'll go see a movie.

    That said if someone wanted to read my book with a soundtrack, I'll certainly sell it to them that way, because books are ultimately about the reader anyway!

    (Something the 'occasional' publisher tends to forget!)

  3. I'd be willing to try that! It would be interesting to see how the music and scenes would correspond. :)