Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Need a laugh - have a read of my v. public blonde moment via twitter

Ahhh twitter, just another place to embarrass yourself on.. Have a laugh at this little exchange I had with a certain twitter buddy this morning. I should have remembered he's the first to mock me given half an opportunity (or an apparently blatant one *sigh*). So I was really, really tired this morning when I tweeted this.
*brrrrrrrr* windows just got hit with a cold blast of rain and soon I have to leave for work :( and kick poor puppies outside, meh to winter
And got this reply
@DmslinaDrtyDrss Getting your puppies out in winter shows courage & imagination.
To which I naively replied (hey, in my defence I was talking to him just yesterday about my dogs!)
@Sonofhood and lots of pushing, shoving n coaxing ;p
And then I clicked.. (yeah I know DUH! We don't really refer to them as puppies here - and I'm an animal lover, puppies = four legs and furry - NOT boobies!)
@Sonofhood OMG okay I was too tired for that one - Bad you! ;p *blush* you knew what I meant!
And yeah I did actually shriek 'OMG' when I clicked - scaring the dogs ;p He had me in fits (while still bright red) of laughter when I got this back
@DmslinaDrtyDrss Fuck me i thought you had been hit on the head for a minute there. 

So we've established that I really am useless with lack of sleep (yep, that line is in the book for a reason ;p) And now I'm off to get lots more needed zzzz's *lol*

Take care all!

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  1. I have no idea who is talking to whom in twitter speak! LOL!! Sorry, I really cannot get to grips with twitter!!

    But you are as gorgeous and lovely as ever! Yay! Take care

  2. *Sigh* twitter... I think we've all had moments like that. And if not, we will soon.

  3. There's no going back on twitter...I've had blushing momments too. :P