Sunday, March 6, 2011

And a few more pics :)

The yummy fudge and two crystals we bought.  One a pyrite sphere for Glenn who loved the 'sci-fi' look of it and the other a beautiful piece of rose quartz carved in a way that makes you just want to touch it.  Very pretty : )  

And then there's a picture of the water fountain in action! It's now running and making me want to go loo all the time *lol* 
Then there's the dogs looking sooky cause they don't like the cold rain and Miss Griffin on our bed , blending in beautifully *grin* 

Oh and the last pic you'll have seen before but it's linking to the facebook page for my trilogy.  

Apparently I need 25 likes for some reason (so not a computer nerd/geek.. totally incompetent with these things) so please humour me by popping through the link and 'liking it'.  Still hunting for survival kits that deliver to NZ so if anyone out there knows of a place that does this (with kits under $100 US) please please let me know!  I would so appreciate it : )

Take care all!
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  1. The orb thingy does look really cool, and dangerous in a sci-fi way.

    The dog on the right looks just like my dog! Mine's a mutt, so I have no idea what mixture he is. Do you know what type your dog is?

  2. That chocolate is a tad intimidating. Love the doggie pics though!

  3. That sphere is really cool. The rose quartz has a very pleasing shape as well.

  4. Love the sound of a water fountain. The photos are adorable. Miss Griffin is cute.

    Thoughts in Progress

  5. That sphere is pretty. And I love the quartz.

  6. Dogs look pretty relaxed. Good for them, because that's not in the cards for me today.

    Neat orb!

  7. It does look very sci fi!

    I posted a review for your book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I loved it!

  8. Fun pics! The fountain is pretty! My dogs don't like the cold, either.

    I'm still resisting Facebook, though I know it's a matter of time...

  9. The orb thing looks cool. So do your dogs! Look like they need a good game of keepaway with a Frizbee.

  10. That orb? So freaking awesome. Jealous. :)

  11. Great pics! I liked you on fb. :-)