Tuesday, January 18, 2011

…so I really spoke too soon yesterday..*sigh*

The router arrived and it turned out it was a router and modem in one. Nothing wrong with that - that'd be awesome actually, less junk! Except it's wired for ADSL… and we have DSL.

For those who are wondering what the heck all that means, ADSL means your internet is through the phone line and DSL means it's cable. In New Zealand we only have one provider in each (Telecom - ADSL - and Telstra Clear - DSL) and if you want an internet connection speedy enough to watch things you have to get Telstra… which we have! So yeah wrong router and we've popped it on trade me (nz version of e-bay) while we look for another one…


So I am still without the net.. Oh well lots more time to focus on plotting *grin* Damn that Murphy's Law - I totally spoke too soon *lol*


  1. oh, dear that bites!
    good luck finding a new one quickly!!

  2. o.o That sucks! Yeesh, you'd think the people that made the router would inform you about that. Well, I hope you find another one soon. Till then, plotting is a great way to pass the time! I'm still eager for that next book to come out already....

  3. Okay I am now convinced that January is Bizarre Technology Month. Blogs are posting all sorts of techno screw ups.
    Good luck! :o)

  4. Oh I HATE computer issues like that! Godo luck sorting it out, dear.

  5. Oh, that's so frustrating! Here's hoping you land a proper router, soon.

  6. Oh no! Hope you get it all sorted soon!

  7. Oh I hate it when that happens! Typical, really. I think Mary's comment above sums it up: January really is the month for technological eff-ups! My laptop crashed a couple weeks ago and is still being fixed, everything's slowed down because of the Christmas/New Year holidays (and it was snowing here for a while, so that slowed things down even more)