Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dreams – divine inspiration?

Are many of you inspired to write stories from ideas in dreams? My current project BirthRight The Arrival was inspired by day-dreams but that doesn’t really count. I mean the unconscious crazy type dreams!

Don’t you wonder where they come from sometimes? Divine inspiration? Memories of a past life? A view to the future?

Last night was really warm (for winter) and as a result I had a variety of nutty dreams but can only remember one clearly (ish). It was myself as an older woman. With plenty of wrinkles and a face I barely recognized (and still long colored hair *lol*). I was wearing a long tutu inspired skirt with a beautiful fitted top in ruby. The funny part is that it didn’t bother me at all! I felt an odd sense of joy at seeing myself reach such an age. Looks like I’ll have lotsa fun for a long time yet *grin*.

I was just wondering if any of you have written stories that were inspired by dreams? Were they dreams you could explain away (like the time I’d watched a documentary on elephants and that night dreamt I was teaching an elephant to play pick-up-sticks in my family’s holiday home..). Or were they totally out-of-the-ball park, inspiring creations?


  1. here is a poem I did from a dream...

    Scarecrow in the moonlight.

    resting after undoing the work of the adorned.

    will he more retire for this

    then removing the serenity from the corn.

    I know it is short, but it was inspired by a dream..... I wrote it the morning after.

    The archetype of the scarecrow is one of Christ or of a simple worker who earns a modest living. It can go ether way.

  2. I've had stories that have been inspired by dreams. One dream I had was about people that I knew were disappearing and every time that they disappeared there was this flash of white, blinding light and the sound of scratching metal.

    I ended up turning it into a science-fiction story that has a really strange twist at the end, almost like a Twilight Zone episode.

    As for what inspired this dream, I don't really know, probably I watched something about aliens that night.

    My English teacher used to tell his students that when we dream it's a result of our brain rewiring the day's events. So, maybe your dream had something to do with that day's events or a rewiring of your memories? Just a theory really...

    Anyway, interesting topic and write on!

  3. If my inspiration doesn't come in the shower it comes in my dreams. so yep been there. i keep a pen and paper by my bed so i can jot down important parts and then wake the husband up to tell him all about it so i don't forget. I have a really good book idea waiting to be explored. i just have to finish the other one first.

  4. @ Deeds - oh I know all about that! :) I have a whole book plotted out from a dream. But it's not coming to life till I've finished Book 1 & 2 of BirthRight

  5. Sounds like a nice dream! I had a dream I'll never forget. It was like 'final destination'. People where dropping like flies and there was this fortune teller who looked at me and said. 'You've got nothing to worry about. You're set to live until 2033' WONDERFUL!

  6. ...well at least it isn't soon CQG ;p