Sunday, August 10, 2014

Playing house

It’s been just over a month since we moved into our first *squeal* home. It has been one of the busiest months of our lives! After scrubbing the rental we had been living in from top to bottom even getting the carpets cleaned, it was a hell of a nasty shock to discover the previous owners of our new house felt no such inclination. The house was filthy. The two days I applied for leave to help with the move stretched to a week of midnight/1am ‘days’ of cleaning. Even now Glenn is out the back cleaning more rubbish from the backyard. It does rather astonish us that some people would use their own backyard as a land fill. But on the bright side we were able to sell the scrap metal we found and Glenn’s re-purposed a lot of the wood he’s found into new gates and fixing holes in the fence. We discovered a variety of idiosyncrasies such as, the kitchen has no drawers (and yeah, we didn’t notice. Mainly because you just expect a kitchen to have drawers!!), the light switches for the lounge are in the dining room and the switch for the spa bath is on the wall about three meters from the bath meaning you cannot turn it on/off while in the bath… clever, no?
But it’s ours.
Sure it needs a paint, the cladding needs fixing and anything the DIY wannabies touched they did wrong.
But it’s ours. It’s perfectly imperfect and we love it. I love the dinky space I have for my ‘room’ that means I get to be in the hub of everything while still tucked away. We appreciate the laundry being accessible via our ensuite as we can heat our towels in the dryer while we’re showering (it’s winter here remember). The rain on the tin roof sounds fantastic and the wood burner in the lounge makes it all the more perfect. Sure, we have stack loads of work to do and we only technically own a tiny portion of it, but every month we pay a little more off and get a little more work done. It’s not a mansion by any standard, but listening to the dawn chorus from our bed makes it feel pretty darn special ;)

Take care all!
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