Thursday, August 28, 2014

Creating bling and dreams of the big screen

Creating Bling
A couple of months ago I worked at creating a few pretty pendants utilizing the elemental symbol (created by the cover artist of the omnibus cover, Deedee Davies). I had intended it as something special with which to thank people who’ve helped and as blatant bribery when needed *grin*. Well the reaction of readers who follow the BirthRight Trilogy facebook page made me realize that a few people at least would like the opportunity to buy the necklace. So I made some more.

And failed.

OMG they look so damn simple, the instructions sound simple, yet the execution is proving anything but!! I’m slowly getting the hang of it, which means I have around one pendant a week available to those who’d like to buy them. So at the moment there’s a short waiting list *hee*.  If you are interested you can purchase the pendant (chain included) for $25NZD postage included – payment via Paypal. There’s two versions, one is set in the brass coloured tray with the chain necklace, and the other version is just on glass and strung on a leather cord. Both are the same price, just send me a message.

If you want a necklace but can’t afford don’t despair! I will be using them as prizes for upcoming events, so keep your eyes peeled and you could win yourself one :)


Dreams of the big screen!
I’ve never made any secret of my desire to one day see the trilogy as a movie (well three really ;p). Last week a reader got in touch (thanks Melissa!) and let me know about this really neat site where you can suggest a book/game etc as an idea for a movie. You can add suggestions for actors, directors, writers – you name it! And most importantly, you can SUPPORT any projects you like the look of! I spent the weekend working on my ‘blurb’ that would cover the whole trilogy (like what you’d read on the back of a DVD) and with the help of the readers on the BirthRight Trilogy Facebook page we perfected it. Now the BirthRight Trilogy is up on the site as a suggested movie idea! Pop over, sign up and hit the all important ‘SUPPORT’ button – let’s get this up on the big screen for all to enjoy! What an exciting concept!

Take care all!
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